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Mental health policy defines the vision for the future mental health of the people, Specifying the framework which is to be put in place to manage and prevent priority mental and neurological disorders.

When surely conceptualized, A mental health policy can co ordinate essential services and activities to ensure that treatment and care is delivered to those in need yet still time preventing fragmentation and inefficiencies in the health system.

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health plan is a pre formulated detailed scheme to implement the vision and objectives defined in the protection. A plan should include the concrete strategies and activities that will be implemented to tackle mental disorders and associated disability, As well as specifying the targets to be achieved by the federal government. It should also clarify the roles of the different stakeholders in implementing those activities of the mental health plan (See critical info sheet for more on mental health policy and plans).

Overview of the stepped process for creating a mental health policy and planpdf, 141kb

WHO tech support team to policy makers and service planners

WHOs three most important recommendations for the development of policy, Strategic plans and for organizing services are to deinstitutionalise mental healthcare; To integrate mental health into the health care; And to formulate community mental health services. Support to economies is provided at multiple levels and includes, But is not limited by, what follows:

Mental health situational analysis and needs overview

Helping countries to analyse in as descriptive way as possible, Their mental health situation and needs. What are the priority mental health conditions,
do you know major needs, What
are the free resources to address needs? a few of the service and resource gaps?Facilitating discussions and consultations between the many stakeholders within the country interested in mental health reform.

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Drafting and launch of mental health policies, Strategic plans and proposals for service office

Working closely with the MOH and committees to analyse and draft mental health policies and strategic plans and advise on their enactment.

be an aid to improve capacity of mental health systems and services

Ongoing technical assist with policy makers to improve overall functioning of the mental health system and services. Two core related problems that always assume importance in countries where we work are service development and human resource development and training. Primary health care is nearly always featured in countries requests for help.

Building working experience and skills of policy makers, Health planners and agencies

Providing the prospect to policy makers, Health planners and agencies to gain more knowledge and skills through training workshops in a number of areas critical to policy making and service planning (thriving policies and plans; encouraging law; rebuilding access to psychotropic drugs, Developing mental health selective information systems, enacting quality improvement strategies, Budgeting and loan for mental health, Mental health keeping track of and evaluation).

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